Pantalla Chica Productions is owned by the award-winning producer Sulin Passial. With experience working at "Televisa", being the producer of the short film "The Legend of Buchi Fil" (Award for Best Short Film at the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival in 2009) and the driving engine behind the Award winning news program "Caribbean Kids News" (Winner of the Kids News Award in 2010). Producing high quality media products has become second nature to her. Sulin has a degree in Bachelor of Art & Economics in Media Management at the Utrecht School of Arts. This degree solidifies that she has the knowledge to produce media products in the category of film, television, New Media and beyond.

P∆C client list and network consists of local and international organizations whom appreciate the professional and tailor made approach of P∆C, our local expertise and willingness to collaborate with a variety of media professionals around the world. To mention a few, we have worked with crews of The Netherlands, Suriname, Mexico, USA and South Africa.

This company is also part of projects related to audiovisual work. Great examples are The International Film Festival Rotterdam and Bario media (a project to teach youngsters the use of media).

University of Curacao | Heineken | Gobiernu di Korsou | Omroep HUMAN | Noordkaap | Status N.V. | Fundashon Bos Di Hubentut | Curacao International Film Festival Rotterdam | Leopard USA | AFAS Caribbean | among others

(Network) Partners
Caribbean Legacy B.V. | De Wind Imaging | PITOPOLO | Jermain Lo | Caribbean FilmCom | David de Bruijne | Sharelly Emanuelson