At PAC we believe that everyone has to get a fair chance to realize his or her project/business goal. That’s why we offer consultancy services. It might be a concept for a film, TV program or just how to use media to benefit a person or organization. We know the market like no other and can guide you in the right direction. Our services also include guidance in the productions process. Depending on the needs, we work with you 1 on 1 or assemble a team that will develop the idea from start to finish.
When you are ready for a session, just say the words.


For most people the world behind film and television programs is not such a big question mark anymore. With all the technology available people are more open to experiment on their own. Like with everything there is a professional way to create content and there is a non professional way to create content. The non professional way most of tend to cost a lot of time and money. To help you avoid the most basic mistakes at Pantalla Chica Productions we offer basic workshop in audiovisual production. Each workshop is customized to fit the experience and level of the group. We can offer workshops suitable for children, teens and adults.

Some of the Workshops we offer are:
∆ Media Crash Course
∆ Production Management
∆ Media Awareness